A Two-Step Strategy to Land Clients on LinkedIn

A Two-Step Strategy to Land Clients on LinkedIn

July 12, 2018 | By Ed Gandia | No Comments

A Two-Step Strategy to Land Clients on LinkedInYour typical LinkedIn user spends only an average of 17 minutes per month on the site, so a great way to reach prospects is by directly messaging them so they get an email notification off-site.

But, you have to make sure you send the right message.

Most business owners and B2B agencies tend to choose the route of automated replies as their “personalized” greeting for new connections. Rarely are these replies thoughtful, warm, or even focused on the prospect! Take a closer look at your LinkedIn inbox. How many Thanks for connecting messages utilize you-centric over I-centric language?

Or even worse, how many times do you contact your LinkedIn connections, only to do a mass email to drive them to a landing page or send an invitation to yet another broad-interest group?

If the majority of your prospects and warm leads are on LinkedIn, it’s worth it to your business to shift some time and focus from other social media platforms (automate those!) and cultivate personalized, helpful relationships with those prospects with the right amount of teaser messaging.

You Have to Aim with the Goal in Mind

When you’re playing darts, you don’t throw all of the darts at once, hoping one will stick. That’s a cross-your-fingers strategy, and diffuses the force and energy behind your throwing skills. When you aim one dart carefully, you have a better chance of hitting the bulls-eye. This exactly what you need to do when you write to leads on LinkedIn.

The trick with this approach is to pace yourself. Aim to message 10-20 prospects a week (or more, if you have more time or staff). Choose 10 businesses or individuals this week that you would love to snag as clients. Do a quick audit of each of their sites, services, or products, and then message them using the strategy below.

Hit the Mark Every Time with This LinkedIn Two-Step Message Strategy

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