Reality Blog: Why I’m Setting Aside Some “ME” Time

Reality Blog: Why I’m Setting Aside Some “ME” Time

July 12, 2018 | By Ed Gandia | No Comments

Last week, we took a midyear evaluation of my B2B copywriting business for 2018. And it was interesting to see how the year was progressing.

But for quite some time, a thought has been banging around in the back of my mind. There’s been a neglected task that was now clamoring for attention. But, I kept putting it off until “later.”

Ever have that happen?

There are so many moving parts to building a freelance copywriting business that it seems almost impossible to get to all of them… at least all at once.

And of course, it is impossible to work on everything all the time… at the same time. Inevitably, something gets put on the back burner.

Reality Blog: Every Freelance B2B Copywriter Needs Some “ME” Time

One thing that’s highly recommended by almost every expert I’ve talked to is building a to-do list. On that list, you jot down everything that you need to do.

And I mean everything.

Remember, you’re not just a copywriting business.

You’re a person, too.

That means you need to include every aspect of your life in your list:

  • Business development
  • Family responsibilities
  • Personal growth

In fact… those are three good categories to start building your list.

I’d recommend using a pencil or pen and a piece of paper. Sure, you could use a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet on your computer. But, here’s what I’ve found…

Going “old school” is often the best teacher when it comes to defining your path.

So about a week ago, I started the listing process again. I’ve done it before and still have the sheets of paper. While I did refer back to them, it didn’t take long to realize how outdated they were.

People change and grow. Living is not a static, robotic existence.

So my new list included some new activities and priorities. There were some that were already on the list, and probably will be from now on. One of them, a task that had been on the list a long time, but had been neglected, was “ME” Time.

“ME” Time is important.

But… it may not be what you’re thinking.


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  • Steve. My name is Bob Keil and unlike you I have done virtually nothing concrete in my Copywriting career so far, but I would like to become more active. I have been in the packaging field for about 20 years but the last 25 have been for myself in the environmental, car selling and financing, insurance field . I have trouble picking a niche but that is secondary. I need some direction and some advise. I know that you are busy but I wonder if you have some time. My email is
    I do not have a web site yet. write me if you have time.
    Bob Keil

  • As always, good stuff, Steve.
    I really enjoy your perspectives . . . somewhat “out there” concepts boiled down to “nitty gritty” substance with a “wow, that sounds a bit like me” quality.
    And you always include definite actions one can take immediately to improve upon the current situation.
    The kind of things that make me say, “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?
    As I said, “Good stuff”.

    Thanks, and keep it coming

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